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Zoning Administrator Brent Bristol's responsibilities include coordination with property owners, contractors, realtors, and building inspectors on all building projects in Ephraim, enforcement of the zoning ordinances, and reporting to the Historic Preservation and Plan Committee, Board of Appeals and the Village Board. As Building Inspector he is responsible for all phases of construction and inspection on residential structures until January 1, 2018.

The planning process in the Village of Ephraim is quite involved. This page is intended to provide some basic zoning information and application materials that pertain to most building projects in the Village of Ephraim. Below you will find links to various applicable codes and forms that should provide the residents of Ephraim with some basic information and resources on the Village Zoning Process. The most important information we can offer on this page would be to contact Brent as early in the planning process as possible. Almost every building-related project in the Village requires permitting and the Zoning Administrator is here to assist you through this process.

Zoning Codes and Resources

Applicable Village of Ephraim Zoning Codes:

Dimensional Standards

Link to a table that summarizes the  dimensional standards that apply to all zoning districts in the Village of Ephraim (setbacks, footprints, lot size, width...etc)


Click here to link to the Village of Ephraim Subdivision ordinance

Building Permit Application

For reference only - click here to link to the Village of Ephraim Zoning Permit application.

Accessory Structure Application

Click here to link to the application required for the construction of accessory structures (garages, fences, gazebos, sheds...etc)

Erosion Control Ordinance

Link to the Village of Ephraim Erosion Control Ordinance

Land Disturbance

Click here to link to the Village of Ephraim Land disturbance application

Sign Application

Application required for the erection or alteration of all signs in the Village of Ephraim

Repair/Replace Application

Straight forward non-fee form required for minor repair, replacement type building projects in the Village.

Zoning Map

The Zoning Map can be found here.

For questions contact the Ephraim Zoning Administrator (920) 854-5501

Building Inspections:

The Village of Ephraim works with Brett Guilette of Inspection Specialists to provide building inspection services:

Inspection Specialists of Northeast Wisconsin

Brett Guilette



Building Inspector | Inspection Specialists LLC of Northeast Wisconsin