Recycling Center

Ephraim Recycling Center

10285 Townline Drive

* This is also the home of the Ephraim Brush Dump.

The recycling center is located at the rear of the property on Townline Drive between Settlement Road and Highway 42 and shares the property with the Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Maintenance Department. Be aware that trucks may be entering and leaving this property and drive with caution.

Note: You must be a Village of Ephraim property owner or renter to use this facility.

No garbage can be accepted at this location, please contact one of the local garbage disposal services.

Recycling DOs and DONTs Green Tier.pptx

* We Have Expanded Our Services*

You may now dispose of your yard brush at this location, you may bring your brush to this location anytime from April thru November.

The recycling containers have been moved to along the driveway for your convienance, you may deposit your recycling at anytime. There is no attendant on duty, if you need assistance please ask at the Maintenance office or at the Treatment Plant office.

We have gone Single Stream - no more sorting, simply be sure that your items contain the recycling symbol.

You can recycle all plastic items that display the recycling triangle.




Glass - Clear, brown, or green bottles and jars, soda, beer, juice and other glass food containers. You must wash out all glass containers, remove plastic or metal lids. Avoid breaking glass when placing in bins.

Plastic - Only containers with a neck i.e. Milk, Wine or Beer bottles with number 1, 2, 5 or 6 on the bottoms may be recycled; this includes soda, water or juice bottles, or laundry detergent, milk. Rinse containers and remove lids. You may leave plastic rings on. Do not crunch or smash bottles, as it helps to have them rounded during the recycling process.

Aluminum - All aluminum cans, all steel (tin), bimetal cans, and pie tins. Do not crush or smash cans.

Paper - Newspapers, inserts, magazines and books, junk mail, envelopes, writing paper, phone books, catalogues, corrugated cardboard and other types of cardboard.

Cardboard is accepted from both residents and Ephraim commercial establishments, please break down your boxes.


  • waxed food or dairy containers
  • plastic bags
  • plastic toys
  • pesticide containers, antifreeze bottles, medical containers or syringes
  • paint/solvent containers
  • Styrofoam or microwave containers
  • food containers with #2 stamped on them (i.e., clear sandwich or produce boxes)
  • ice cream containers, drywall or other 1- 5 gallon buckets
  • no glass colors other than green, clear or brown
  • no windows, mirrors, light bulbs or drinking glasses
  • aerosol cans or paint cans
  • juice cans
  • aluminum and tin cans only--no foil or bottle caps
  • bathroom/tissue waste
  • carbon paper
  • cellophane
  • waxed paper (incl. waxed milk or juice containers)
  • used pizza boxes
  • napkins, paper cups or candy wrappers