Wellwater Testing

Ephraim Wellwater Testing

10285 Town Line Drive
Ephraim, WI 54211

Phone: (920) 854-4991

License #105-299

Ephraim Wellwater Testing is a State Certified testing facility for bacteriological analysis of potable wellwater which is recommended by the Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) to be tested annually. The bacteriological testing is the presence and absence of Total Coliform bacteria and E-coli. We provide bacteriological testing for both private and public wellwater. Additional tests of your wellwater can be provided by calling the lab facility for more information.

For your convenience sample bottle and forms can be picked up at our facility 24/7. We also have pick up of sample bottle and forms at various locations around Door County. Call to find out the nearest pick up site located to you. The cost of a bacteriological test is $25.00.