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Village of Ephraim Shoreline Protection Project

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Shoreline Project Update - April 30, 2021

As we end the week, all three sections of the stonework are nearing completion. Next week, the concrete contractor will be in town to pour the final slab on the jetty in the Northern Section (across from the Village Hall) as well as the sidewalks in the Northern and Central Sections. A design will be stamped in the jetty concrete giving the surface more interest and texture.

Five trees were removed from the Northern and Center Sections this week. The three largest trees were Ash, and were in the late stages of Emerald Ash Borer disease. Six new trees will be planted the week of May 10. A new fir will be planted across from the Village Hall. A maple and oak will be added to the North Section, along with two maples and another oak in the Central section. Following the tree plantings, new sod will be laid. Solar lighting will replace our original path lights.

As part of the project, all the dimension stones were removed from the water and reused as the stones along the landslide of the new revetment. Because of the rectangular shape of these stones, they form an attractive edge along the landslide as well as a seating surface. It became clear as the project progressed that there would be excess dimension stone. This type of stone is valuable because of its shape. Rather than putting it back in the Bay as part of the armor stone (that sits behind the
dimension stone), we investigated using it at the Ephraim beach.

There was a small window of opportunity to take advantage of the excess stone. Several meetings were held over the past week and the decision was made to reuse it at our beach. The stone will be dug into the sand approximately where the cedar hedge is now to an approximate height of the edge of the parking lot. The existing cedars, along with various tree stumps in the beach area, will be removed. Once the stone is set, new cedars will be planted between the stone and edge of the parking lot. The stone will provide a planting area for the new cedars and help protect them from the waves and wind. In addition, along with the new cedar hedge, this will help prevent sand from blowing off the beach onto the properties across Water St. Drawing of the plan for the beach can be viewed below.

Plan for Village Beach

Shoreline Protection Project

As record high water levels continue to threaten the Ephraim shoreline, the Village established the Shoreline Ad Hoc Committee, with the goal of developing a shoreline protection project that stabilizes the shoreline and provides protection from further erosion.

The Shoreline Ad Hoc Committee working with project engineering firm AECOM developed a project plan that focuses on three sections of shoreline extending from Firehouse Marina to the area in front of the Village Hall. The project includes shoreline repair, placement of riprap, a low wall suitable for sitting, a new concrete walking path adjacent to the wall, and concrete pads for benches and picnic tables.

Construction began in April 2021 with anticipated completion being June 2021.

The estimated project cost including a 10% contingency was $655,000.

After a competitive bidding process, the Village Board accepted a bid from Payne & Dolan Inc. in the amount of $319,589.56 for the shoreline protection project.


The most up to date project plans can be viewed here:

Ephraim Shoreline Project Plans (2020-11-05)