Own a piece of Ephraim History!!! The Village of Ephraim has a few of the wood, historic street signs remaining after the Fyr Bal auction.  All proceeds from the minimum $25 donation will benefit the creation of a shorefront pad for the Fyr Bal bonfire.


Smith - One available.

Smith Lane - One available.

Anderson Lane (broken) - one available.

Hoganson - one available.

Those interested in the signs can contact the Ephraim Administrative offices at 920-854-5501 or


The Ephraim Village Board is pleased to announce the approval of new offerings for the Village of Ephraim donation program. Benches, ADA picnic tables, and picnic tables have been selected for placement along Ephraim's iconic, downtown waterfront. The donation program is designed to increase public enjoyment and participation in the Village’s waterfront and parks. The selections will introduce a limited quantity of weather-proof, low-maintenance recycled plastic benches and tables for the public to enjoy through the generosity of donations. The program also provides an excellent opportunity to honor a loved one or to recognize someone’s special achievement.

Previously we had received more requests for donations than we could fulfill.  With these additional, very limited offerings, we are delighted to be able to offer the new donation items to the community. With a set number of concrete pads available along the waterfront, only eight (8) benches (update: 2/15/2022 sold out), one (1) ADA picnic tables (update: 9/25/2023 sold out), and one (1) picnic tables (update: 9/25/2023 sold out) are available.

Each item comes with the ability to add a cast bronze 2 x 8 plaque with up to twenty (20) characters/spaces for an additional $210.  A cast bronze plaque can be added to the upper rail of the bench and the outward-facing frame of the picnic tables.  Plaques will be ordered separately and take approximately eight (8) weeks for production.

All donation items are currently sold out. If you are interested in getting on the waitlist for the next round of benches and tables, please contact the Village by phone at 920.854.5501 or email the Village Administrative office ( should you have any questions.

Thank you for your consideration in supporting the enjoyment of Ephraim’s waterfront!


The selections are weather-proof, low-maintenance recycled plastic which will have a long-lasting legacy along Ephraim’s iconic waterfront.

1) Memorial Bench: There are eight (8) memorial benches available to be placed along the Ephraim waterfront. Price $950. Update: As of 2/15/2021 - SOLD OUT!

2) Picnic Tables: There is one (1) picnic table available to be placed along the Ephraim waterfront. Price $1,750. Update: As of 9/25/2023 - SOLD OUT!

3) ADA Picnic Table: There is one (1)ADA Picnic Table available to be placed along the Ephraim waterfront. Price $1,650. Update: As of 9/25/2023 - SOLD OUT!

4) Cast Bronze Plaque: Price $210