Fire Department

Training 2015

Ephraim Fire Department

The Ephraim Fire Department is located just north of the Village Administrative office at 10011 Norway. The department is manned by a staff dedicated to assisting residents in matters of emergency fire fighting and rescue.

As part of a multiple cooperative, the Village of Ephraim participates in the Mid-Door Enhanced Fire Response Agreement, providing fire and rescue services for the towns of Baileys Harbor, the Village of Ephraim and the Town of Gibraltar. This allows immediate service for accident victims and ensures that adequate numbers of firefighters are available to assist in all emergency situations.

Justin MacDonald ensures that his staff is well trained by organizing and attending various training seminars throughout the State; as policy, all firefighters are required to attend training sessions scheduled throughout the year in various county communities. The seminars, led by trained professionals include fighting structure fires, car fires, grass and forest fires, vehicular accidents, rescue calls requiring a Fire Department response, hazardous materials incidents and water rescue programs. The training program has been successful in saving many lives which may have been lost due to fire or auto accidents.

Fire-burning permits are available for approved devices such as in ground burning pits and some outdoor fireplaces - please refer to Ordinance Chapter 5 Fire Protection section 5.11 for details or contact the Zoning Administrator Brent Bristol at 920-854-5501 for details and an application.

1 time only brush burning permits will continue to be issued by the Fire Chief or his designee and will be issued only when there is snow on the ground, contact Chief MacDonald at 920-495-0039 for such a permit in advance so emergency service operations are aware of the source for reported smoke in an area.

Recognizing the need for assisting in water bound emergencies, the Ephraim Rescue Boat is in the water from mid April thru September and is ready to help, the boat was donated by concerned Ephraim residents to provide a fast-response, professionally trained rescue effort for water related emergencies involving the safety of the residents and guests.

The staff of the Ephraim Fire Department wishes our residents and guests a wonderful time here in Ephraim and reminds you that the traffic increases significantly during the tourist season, the water can be dangerous, and unmonitored fires do cost lives; be careful out there and never mix drinking with driving any motorized vehicle.


All men and women are invited to participate in the Ephraim Volunteer Fire Department. Whether it be in the fire station office or in the field your help will be greatly appreciated.

The only qualifications are:

  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Are willing to participate in training programs
  • Are willing to be called upon and respond to emergencies

While we are technically a "Volunteer" fire department, please be aware that attendance at training sessions and responding to emergencies will be compensated.